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ASTAX10  beauty and well-being from the inside out

A natural food supplement with a unique formula containing the most powerful antioxidants known to science, astaxanthin, lutein and vitamin E.
Zepter brings you the amazing powers of Astaxanthin, Lutein and Vitamin E in a single gel capsule just once a day.
Protecting, nourishing, moisturising, all in one.
The future of skincare is from the inside out. The future of your skin is to glow with a new beauty.
What ASTAX10 can do for you is make your skin look younger and healthier, giving you that beautiful glow that only comes with beauty on the inside. A natural synergy exists between the active ingredients in ASTAX10 – Astaxanthin and Lutein – which means they work together to make your skin healthier, to repair skin damage and reduce lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a better elasticity, smoother feel and healthier, younger appearance – from the inside out.

And all of this with a single pill. It’s so easy to avail yourself of the incredible benefits of nature’s most powerful antioxidant.
ASTAX10 is one of those very rare products that can really change your life.
With amazing natural astaxanthin & lutein!
1 Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
2 Increases skin hydration
3 Gives visible improvements to skin appearance
4 Improves skin density
5 Improves energy and endurance
6 Promotes beauty from the inside out
7 Helps to protect the eyes
8 Powerful antioxidant

What is Astaxanthin?

  • is the most powerful antioxidant known to science
  • is completely natural
  • is a carotenoid
  • is found in its highest concentration in wild salmon
  • is produced in nature by plankton, algae and plants
  • has many proven benefits to enhance your beauty
  • has a natural anti-inflammatory effect

Natural astaxanthin is produced for Zepter by Cyanotech Corporation, a world leader in micro-algae production, from Haematococcus microalgae using state-of-the-art technology. Production is closely monitored by microscopic examination to ensure the cultures are pure and free from contaminating organisms.
Cyanotech uses a sophisticated extraction process to fully ensure that the end product provided to the customer is safe and pure.

What is Lutein?

  • is a carotenoid
  • is found in fruit and vegetables
  • is a powerful antioxidant
  • is completely natural
  • increases skin elasticity
  • reduces skin roughness
  • helps to protect the eyes

The Lutein found in ASTAX10 comes from natural free Lutein crystals obtained from the dried flowers of Marigold the petals of which, are rich in the orange-yellow carotenoid.

  Fat    366.3 mg/Cap
  Proteins   121.9 mg/Cap
  Carbohydrates   66.3 mg/Cap
  Of which polyols   47.0 mg/Cap
  Astaxanthin   4 mg/Cap
  Lutein   4 mg/Cap
  D-alpha-Tocopherol   10 mg/Cap
ASTAX10 with amazing natural astaxanthin & lutein!

Production is closely monitored by microscopic examination to ensure the cultures are pure and free from contaminating organisms.

The Lutein found in ASTAX10 comes from natural free Lutein crystals obtained from the dried flowers of Marigold



Free radicals

In the body, free radicals are produced when oxygen combines with complex metabolic molecules. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules ready to react with anything they can. When they react the result is called ‘oxidation’. Once the oxidation process begins it can create a chain reaction which produces more free radicals.
You can see the damage done by oxidation in metal when it rusts. What is happening inside our bodies is, in effect, the same thing. Free radicals are caused in the body by:

  • Stress
  • Pollution
  • Excessive exercise
  • Sunlight and UV rays
  • Processed food

This simple experiment illustrates the oxidation process. An apple was cut in half. The half on the left was covered with lemon juice, the half on the right was left exposed to the air. You can see after only a few minutes the damage caused by oxidation to the half on the right, whereas the half on the left maintains its lovely fresh appearance because of the natural antioxidants in the lemon juice.

What is happening to the apple half on the right is what can happen inside our bodies if free radicals are allowed to take control. Oxidation and free-radical damage show up in your bodies both internally and externally. Externally they cause our skin to age – lines, wrinkles and dry skin.

Internally free radicals damage tissue and destroy cells and the DNA in cells. Scientists believe that DNA damage is a major component in the ageing process. 

ASTAX10 contains the strongest antioxidant known to man, Astaxanthin and the powerful carotenoid Lutein, which is known not only for its antioxidant effects but also for its benefits to the eyes. ASTAX10 puts in your hands nature’s most effective anti-ageing agent.

Zepter’s world-leading research

Zepter has always aspired to help its customers attain lasting health and beauty. For more than 20 years and in more than 40 countries on five continents Zepter’s mission of health has touched the lives of over 65,000,000 people. With its headquarters in Switzerland, Zepter Cosmetics’ high-technology and Swiss quality have built the brand into a leader in the field of skincare.

In the body, free radicals are produced when oxygen combines with complex metabolic molecules.

Internally free radicals damage tissue and destroy cells and the DNA in cells.



ASTAX10 - Reinforce Your Health

Having enough antioxidants is critical to maintaining good health. Astaxanthin’s antioxidant ability can help protect DNA from the damage caused by free radicals.

Benefiting the eyes
Lutein is able to absorb harmful blue light, which has the highest energy level of the visible spectrum. It has also been proved to have excellent benefits for the eyes and eyesight which can easily suffer with age.

Natural anti-inflammatory
Astaxanthin is a great natural anti-inflammatory. Medicinal anti-inflammatories, while effective are often very hard on the stomach and have side-effects.
Astaxanthin is completely natural and has no known negative side effects.

The natural sports suplement
There are an increasing number of professional athletes who now take Astaxanthin as part of their dietary supplements. Many athletes attest to the benefits of Astaxanthin in increasing endurance and speeding up recovery time after physical exertion*.

* Please consult appropriate laws and regulations regarding supplements in relation to sports competition both amateur and professional.

Protecting your beauty
The latest innovations and research in beauty science all point to what we knew all along - ‘real beauty is on the inside’. This is the future of cosmetics. Beauty radiates from a well of happiness and health. It is this concept that has driven Zepter to develop ASTAX10. A healthy diet is the key to wellness, but is not always possible with the hectic way we live today. ASTAX10 gives you the very best and most powerful antioxidants found in nature in a single easy capsule. Protecting your beauty has never been so easy.



In your hands, the most powerful antioxidant to enhance your beauty

  • In a study published in the Journal of Dermatological Science, Astaxanthin was tested in-vitro to examine its ability to protect against alterations in human DNA caused by exposure to UVA radiation. In all cases Astaxanthin successfully countered the effects of UVA light and prevented damage to the DNA1.
  • Scientific studies have also confirmed the efficacy of Astaxanthin in protecting the skin from UV damage when applied topically.
  • Studies have confirmed that Astaxanthin can ‘significantly prevent UV induced collagen degradation and the formation of wrinkles’.
  • It is widely thought that the Astaxanthin’s anti-inflammatory properties are responsible for the skin’s new resistance to UV radiation.

So it is clear that natural Astaxanthin can help provide all your UV and UVA protection needs. Protecting your whole family from the dangers of UV abd UVA radiation is vital.

1 Lyons,N.; and O’Brien, N., 2002

Beauty from within

Astaxanthin also has proven benefits in nourishing and improving the condition of the skin, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles as well as other signs of ageing.
A study done in Japan involving Astaxanthin combined with tocotienols (from the vitamin E family) in women with an average age of 40, showed significant improvements after only two weeks, in several different areas:

  • Fine line and wrinkles
  • Moisture levels
  • Skin tone
  • Elasticity
  • Smoothness
  • Swelling
  • Spots and freckles

A European study showed that Astaxanthin, when taken as an internal food supplement, causes improvements in fine lines, a visible improvement in overall skin appearance, and an increase in dermis density of up to 78%.
As we can see, there is ample scientific evidence to back up the claims that Astaxanthin can protect the skin from UV damage and in some cases have a curative effect in treating long-term skin damage from the sun. Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant known to man effectively able to defeat ageing.

ASTAX10 unique combination of Astaxanthin and Lutein make it an unrivalled food supplement for the protection of the skin. Lutein has been proved to increase skin surface lipids and skin hydration while simultaneously reducing the amount of oxidised skin lipids (lipid preoxidation), increasing skin elasticity and reducing roughness of the skin.