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Complete Cleaning System
Code: PWC-700

Harnessing natural power, the TUTTOLUXO 6S efficiently and naturally rids your home of dirt and grime with 6 unique main functions outclassing any conventional vacuum cleaner.

6 devices in 1

1 Vacuuming – Wet & Dry with water filter
2 Steam Cleaning & Disinfection
3 Steam Cleaning & Vacuuming at the same time
4 Professional Steam Ironing – vertical & horizontal
5 Air Cleaning & Air Aroma Therapy
6 Air Humidification

Cutting-edge technology. 6 main functions, smart handling features, 3 patented systems, a vast array of included accessories - all in its progressive body.

With the addition of the dual-coil boiler system, the TUTTOLUXO 6S does more than just filter mites, it kills them too.
  • TUTTOLUXO 6S high-power steam which it generates at temperature of about 150°C, penetrates deep into carpets, bedding, curtains – wherever dust mites like to hide – and kills them with its heat.
  • The unrivalled, continuous steam power naturally and ecologically, kills the mites while the vacuum removes them from your house. Absolutely none of them escape back into the air you breath.
  • Powerful, efficient aspirating motor sucks up all dead mites.
  • Special patented Spray System captures all the debris inside the machine.
  • 4 level filter system ensures all air leaving the machine is completely clean efficiently and naturally.
The TUTTOLUXO 6S enables us to easily rid ourselves of dirt, dust mites, and any other microscopic creatures living in our homes; and much more than this, without adding expensive, and poisonous, chemicals to our lives.
Zepter has once again set the healthy standard for the future.

4 washable filters

TUTTOLUXO 6S focusing on quality, offers 4 filters - all washable and therefore long-lasting - An additional value to the TUTTOLUXO 6S without adding up to your expenses.
The TUTTOLUXO 6S filters mean a longer-lasting appliance for your investment!  


This filter traps the bigger dirt (e.g. leaves) which is not caught by the rainstorm of the Spray System and is therefore an important gatekeeper and protector for the Air Intake Filter.
A function you can find in all TUTTOLUXO models, designed to prevent particles from reaching and damaging the motor. This filter purifies the air going through the device not only from unpleasant odours, but also prevents small sucked objects from falling into the appliance.
The Polyester filter at the rear air-outlet is designed to trap particles as small as 0.3 micron, catching anything that escaped the previous filter levels. The Polyester filter, mainly used for noise-reduction makes the TUTTOLUXO 6S one of the most silent appliances of its class, in the world.
This activated carbon filter protects the motor from being blocked by small particles, pet hair or anything else.
The Motor Intake filter is also used to filter the motor cooling air, a unique function you can find only in the TUTTOLUXO models.
HEPA FILTER optional
High Efficiency Particulate Air
The HEPA filter technology assures maximum efficiency of 99.97% particle capture down to 0.3 microns. The HEPA filter also helps to eliminate micro-organisms in indoor air.
HEPA FILTER, optional

TUTTOLUXO 6S accessories

Even with the power and grace of the TUTTOLUXO 6S, it is the accessories that make it a cleaning wonder in any situation, and in any room of the house.

TUTTOLUXO 6S accessories are:
  • Multifunctional - they match as per your specific needs.
  • Ingenious design - attachments designed to help in situations where normal cleaning methods are not enough.
  • Versatile - for cleaning any kind of spaces.
  • Flexible - to be used in so many varied places.
  • Healthy - clean and sterilise, no matter where grime hides!
  • Long-lasting thanks to high quality materials
  • Unique ergonomic design ensure that even the toughest grease and stains don’t have a chance.
Big Brush,
carrier for accessories
Big Brush, carrier for accessories
Carpet accessory

Carpet accessory
Liquid accessory

Liquid accessory
Floor accessory

Floor accessory
Dress-fit single Jet,
carrier for accessories
Dress-fit single Jet, carrier for accessories
Small Nozzle

Small Nozzle
Wide Nozzle

Wide Nozzle
Small round Brush

Small round Brush
Dress-fit triple Jet,
carrier for accessories

Dress-fit triple Jet, carrier for accessories
Triangular Brush

Triangular Brush
Round Brush

Round Brush
Carrier for accessories

Carrier for accessories
Liquid accessory with squeegee
Liquid accessory with squeegee
Solids accessory with bristles
Solids accessory with bristles
Window Wiper
Window Wiper
Extension tubes with rapid-lock
Extension tubes with rapid-lock
Iron Rest
Iron Rest

Turbo Brush *optional

This attachment is provided with a suction unit and a rotating carpet sweeper brush, operated by the same suction air. Turbo Brush is a carpet sweeper that is able to completely vacuum dust as well as pet hairs and other fibres from rugs, carpets and all kind of floors.

CODE: PWC-700-6
Turbo Brush, optional

Vaporizer *optional

TUTTOLUXO 6S is the only vacuum cleaner working also as a humidifier & air refresher! Use the patented VAPORIZER to humidify the air you breathe and fill it with fragrances for your well-being. You don't have to do anything to vaporize, TUTTOLUXO 6S keeps working while you are relaxing.
Vaporizer, optional


Zepter Cosmetics
Aroma Liquids *optional


Energise and invigorate. Citrus aromas give a burst of life to your home, surrounding it with a sense of well-being. Bring the sun into your home and enjoy the summer-fresh scent of a zesty aroma making your home a joyful place.
CODE: PWC-700-8L
Optional Aroma Liquid - SWEET CITRUS 

To add an atmosphere of sensuality and comfort to your home. Musk is a relaxing, sophisticated aroma that will turn your home into a tranquil space.
CODE: PWC-700-9L
Optional Aroma Liquid - MUSK

This wonderful herbal aroma lifts your spirits and boosts your energy. It is particularly good for people experiencing breathing difficulties with colds or flu.
CODE: PWC-700-7L
Optional Aroma Liquid - EUCALYPTUS-MENTHOL

Technical characteristics
  • Voltage: 230 V +/- 6% 50 Hz
  • Boiler power: 2100W (1050+1050)W
  • Motor vacuum power: 1200W higher technology gives same power asa 1600W motor but: quieter, lower vibrations, lower energy consumption, higher reliability and higher air volume.
  • Iron power: 850W
  • Steam pressure: (450 kPa) 4.5 bar
  • Steam flow: 55 g/min
  • Max. steam temperature in the boiler: 148°C
  • Effective Air flow: 22 l/sec
  • Vacuum pressure: 2290 mm H2O (~ 22,4 kPa)
  • Time of heating: 2 min. approx after turning on the steam power, just a fewseconds with refill
  • Boiler volume: 0.8 litres
  • Boiler capacity: 0.4 litres
  • Recovery tank volume: 1.2 litres
  • Length of flexible tube: 2.4 m
  • Working reach: 8 m
  • Length of power lead: 5 m

Safety features:
  • Service pressure switch: 2 ± 6 bar 0.3+/-0.15
  • Safety thermostat: 170°C
  • Boiler safety valve: 6 bar +/- 0.5
  • Low voltage handle commands: 5 Volt
  • Safety float
  • Heat insulation in extension tubes
  • Steam safety lock
  • Weight: 9,7 kg
  • Size: 336x332x479 mm


Health & luxury

Health can seems to be a luxury – but with TUTTOLUXO 6S it becomes a natural state of being. It is said “we are what we eat” – but is it not also true of what we breathe?
Incredibly, International research has already proved that indoor air is up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. Can you believe it? Dust is made up of very small particles, microscopic fibres, soot, viruses and mites. Pollen and pet fur worsen the problem. One gram of dust can contain up to 19.000 dust mites: microscopic creatures living, breathing and dying. With each breath we are inhaling all of those tiny particles from the flooring, furniture, and carpets. We are breathing the dust mites and their droppings found in huge numbers in our cosiest places, our beds, and the beds of our children. People who make daily housekeeping are more at risk!

Beds are a prime habitat (where we spend up to a third of our lives). A typical used mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million mites inside. (10% of the weight of a two-year-old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings). We are making ourselves sick.

The number of people suffering from dermatitis, asthma, allergies is growing each year, and many health experts attribute this to the low quality of indoor air. These tiny particles and mites are hard to get rid of, and most vacuum cleaners do little more than spread them back into the air. An ordinary vacuum bag just can’t filter out the particles that are so small, they cause headaches, sickness, breathing problems, allergy reactions or dizziness. The TUTTOLUXO 6S is designed with this in mind.


Dust is made up of very small particles, microscopic fibres, soot, viruses and mites.


3 unique Patented Systems

From TUTTOLUXO 6S Charismatic Intelligence, 3 unique patented systems to give you clean and fresh air for a healthier and easier life!

Tap water, and a natural detergent are all you need to keep the tank and the filters clean and new. If you like, you can even use the dishwasher!


A force of nature in your home
There is nothing fresher than the air after a rainstorm, and the TUTTOLUXO 6S utilises this to bring the same freshness into our homes. The exclusive Spray System uses a process called “nebulization”, part of a four-level filter system, to capture even the smallest dust particles. 1) TUTTOLUXO 6S vacuums any kind of dust and dirt. 2) Deep inside the TUTTOLUXO 6S water is sprayed in a micro-sized mist that instantly bonds to the dirt and dust particles, creating the unique Water Filter and removing them from the air, 3) and sucking them into the water tank. 4-5) The 4-level filter system traps the remaining smallest particles. 6) The air that comes out is clean, fresh, and breathable – totally purified!


Easy and efficient. The Simply System makes TUTTOLUXO 6S as easy to clean and maintain as it is to use. After cleaning, just empty the liquid waste from the purification tank, rinse it off and the TUTTOLUXO 6S is ready to easily go again. No dealing with filthy … and expensive …vacuum bags and extra filters. Compare that to vacuum bags! Bags can be messy and dirty to remove and dispose of. Plus, you have to keep buying them! Save money and time with TUTTOLUXO 6S!


Freedom and practicality. The patented Slalom System allows the TUTTOLUXO 6S to give you maximum freedom of movement around the most difficult corners and furniture. The unique system also means less wear and tear on the hose itself. You don’t need to pull the TUTTOLUXO 6S around, like most vacuum cleaners. Don’t spend time in fighting yourhelper anymore, your time is only for cleaning now.

A force of nature in your home

Steam power revolutionised society. Steam is the power upon which our modern life was built.
Now TUTTOLUXO 6S brings back the steam power revolution, letting you harness the natural power of steam easily and safely in your own home.

It’s so simple! Steam power is completely natural and is the most powerful disinfectant known to man. You will no longer need any of those dangerous, polluting cleaning products that clean our homes but damage our health and the environment.

TUTTOLUXO 6S’s steam boiler makes steam that reaches about 150°C, this high temperature kills germs, bacteria, microbes, viruses, dust mites and other microscopic organisms that live in your carpet, mattress and furniture and can cause serious health problems such as asthma and allergies.
The natural disinfecting power of steam kills bacteria and microbes, the TUTTOLUXO 6S sucks them up and thanks to the patented Spray System a cloud of vapour inside the machine traps and keeps them from exiting the machine into the air. So when you clean with TUTTOLUXO 6S you have the added reassurance that your house is hygienically clean. Safe for you and your loved ones.

Steam dissolves dirt. When you aim TUTTOLUXO 6S ‘s steam jet at even the most stubborn dirt, you will see it break up. Dirt then is ready to be sucked up by TUTTOLUXO 6S’s amazingly powerful aspirating motor. With TUTTOLUXO 6S you will be able to vacuum and steam-clean at the same time in places you never thought possible! Take your TUTTOLUXO 6S into the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom. Use it to clean windows or tiles. Your entire home will sparkle with a visible (and invisible) cleanliness.

Just think, you will never have to waste money on expensive, dangerous cleaning products ever again. That’s a 100% saving on chemicals.
Nor will ever need to spend money on vacuum bags and filters.
Steam is so efficient – one litre of water makes about 1,000 litres of steam and thanks to the clever design of the TUTTOLUXO 6S you can refill the boiler while the device is in use, so you will never run out of steam. Its Charismatic Intelligence alerts you when the water in the tank is finished. The efficient aspirating motor of the TUTTOLUXO 6S operates at a lower wattage than its performance would lead you to believe.
So it saves you money on electricity bills too!
And what better way to save money on medical expenses and doctors fees than keeping your home environment clean and healthy – your home is your first refuge from the dangers of modern living.

Steam is simply H2O! By replacing all those cleaning products in your home you’re doing your part for the environment.
Environmentally-friendly, TUTTOLUXO 6S thinks about preserving the planet for future generations.

The beauty of steam cleaning is that steam can reach any place you want. With TUTTOLUXO 6S you can clean EVERYWHERE – in between tiles, the corners of window frames, the oven… no dirt is safe from TUTTOLUXO 6S!

Allow yourself the luxury of an impeccable look: TUTTOLUXO 6S steam power can remove the most stubborn creases from your creased clothes and refresh your suits easily and quickly, without any damage. The natural power of steam deodorises your clothes ridding them of bad smells caused by pollution, sweat, cooking etc. TUTTOLUXO 6S powerful and delicate steam penetrates deep into the fibres while disinfecting them. Your new luxurious pleasure is enjoying a perfect wardrobe... a deluxe butler indeed.

TUTTOLUXO 6S pressurised steam penetrates deep into the fibres of your clothes relaxing their fabric. Wrinkles disappear in a while: touch your clothes now, and feel them soft and smooth. You will wear dry, clean and fresh clothes.

Thanks to the aspirating motor, the steam cleaning process can be completed by vacuuming and therefore removing even the smallest part of dirt, dust and mites.
The TUTTOLUXO 6S aspirating motor is a masterpiece. While using only 1200 W the motor (thanks to ingenious engineering) actually has the performance of 1600 W! So while having all the advantages of a 1200 W motor – quieter, lower vibrations, lower RPM, higher reliability and lower energy consumption, the performance is as good, if not better than that of a 1600 W motor. TUTTOLUXO 6S has a Charismatic Intelligence that makes it more powerful, more efficient, more cost-effective, more environmentallyfriendly… smarter. Size doesn’t matter – durability does!

The TUTTOLUXO 6S’s Charismatic Intelligence also means continual power. The design of the boiler system gives you consistent and continual pressure even for the most demanding tasks. You get steam power when you need it, without waiting for the boiler to cool down before refill. Within a minute the two powerful heaters (2 x 1050 W) create the steam of about 150°C. The steam pressure inside the boiler is 450 kPa (4.5 bars). This powerful agent will eliminate even the toughest grime from all surfaces at your home, destroy the mites, bacteria, viruses, disinfect everything, wash windowpanes and iron your clothes, bedding and other textiles. When the water in the reservoir is low, simply add more tap water straight from the sink - no expensive bottled water necessary - and you are back in business! Powerful and mighty, you don’t need to wait for it to cool down and heat up like many steam cleaning systems. Don’t waste time you could be spending on yourself!

Powerful steam at your command, easily, immediately, efficiently, and, of course, safely. When you come across a stubborn stain, bring on the steam. A press of the button and the dirt is history! All it takes is one fingertip to adjust the suction for any situation. Quickly increase or decrease the vacuuming speed right from the handle, without stopping, without any effort and without more energy consumption!







TUTTOLUXO 6S is hygienic

TUTTOLUXO 6S is powerful

TUTTOLUXO 6S is cost-effective

TUTTOLUXO 6S is ecological

TUTTOLUXO 6S is versatile

TUTTOLUXO 6S is delicate for cleaned surfaces

The design of the boiler system gives you consistent and continual pressure even for the most demanding tasks.

Powerful steam at your command, easily, immediately, efficiently, and, of course, safely.

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Why have six when you can have a six-in-one device that does it all?

1 Vacuuming – Wet & Dry with water filter

  • Sucks even the smallest, invisible dust particles and pet hair
  • Powerful suction without consumable expensive, filthy and porous dust bag

  • Sucks up spilt liquids – water, milk, tea, juice, coffee and others from any surface

2 Steam Cleaning & Disinfection

  • Steam – the most powerful and natural cleaning agent
  • Steam kills all germs, moulds and dust mites
  • Gets into every corner
  • No more dangerous chemical
  • Saves 100% on detergents and cleaning products

3 Steam Cleaning & Vacuuming at the same time

  • Simultaneously kills and removes all deep-down germs and micro-organisms, even in mattresses, while completely disinfecting
  • Protects against Asthma, allergies and conjunctivitis
  • Combines the two most powerful natural cleaning forces

4 Professional Steam Ironing – vertical & horizontal

  • In the comfort of your own home
  • Kills germs and bad odours, without chemicals
  • Eliminates smells of the restaurant, cigarette smoke, cooking, sweat, mould…
  • Irons all delicates including silk, corduroy, cotton, wool, cashmere, lace, synthetics
  • Disinfects and cleans clothes without damaging
  • Irons vertically – on hangers
  • Irons and disinfects curtains while they hang, no more struggling with heavy curtains!
  • Relaxes fibres, keeping your clothes in beautiful condition
  • You will never have to pay expensive dry cleaning bills ever again

5 Air Cleaning & Air Aroma Therapy

  • Purifies completely the air that passes through, while cleaning
  • Removes unpleasant odours from your home
  • Gives the luxury of Aroma Therapy

6 Air Humidification

  • Restores moisture to dry, arid winter air
  • Makes skin and hair beautifully conditioned
  • Keeps optimal humidity through steaming or vaporising

TUTTOLUXO 6S golden characteristics

6 functions and everlasting performances.

The TUTTOLUXO 6S’s eco-friendly design gives much more than it takes!

Vacuuming – Wet & Dry with water filter

Steam Cleaning & Disinfection

Steam Cleaning & Vacuuming at the same time

Professional Steam Ironing – vertical & horizontal

Air Cleaning & Air Aroma Therapy

Air Humidification 

  • Healthy: not only does it clean but also disinfects and traps microscopic dust and bacteria, cleaning dangerous places such as beds, carpets and furniture-essential for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.
  • Versatile: cleaning and much more… when all is perfectly clean, including the air you breathe and the dress you wear, not even a touch of balsamic aroma is missed!
  • Natural: it uses no chemicals, TUTTOLUXO 6S disinfects and cleans just with the healthy natural power of water and steam.
  • Environmentally aware: thanks to its filtering system, it requires neither paper filters nor dust bags.
  • Ecological: TUTTOLUXO 6S's Charismatic Intelligence performs a technologically advanced reduced motor power consumption but empowers air volume. Moreefficient than a 1600 W motor and with less energy consumption and less noise.

Only TUTTOLUXO 6S 1200 W high-tech motor can give you the low energy usage with maximum power and efficiency.
  • Luxury Design: a real jewel of technology and interiors.
  • Technologically advanced: it is equipped with 3 intelligent patented systems: Spray System, Simply System and Slalom System
  • Cost-effective: thanks to its 3 patented systems, with the TUTTOLUXO 6S you can have impressive savings in energy and 100% on detergents and 100% on dust bags. You will never have to buy dust bags or expensive cleaning chemicals again.
  • Powerful, waterproof & shock-resistant: its special engine guarantees a high resistance to water, bumps and falls.
  • Swift: with TUTTOLUXO 6S original patented Slalom System you can reach every corner of your house easily.
  • Noiseless: less noise, up to 5 decibels quieter than any other vacuum cleaner of its class.
  • Unlimited and reliable: it always maintains consistent high pressure steam without wasting electricity or time.
  • Easy to handle: its special design and size enable a handy use and a freedom of movement.
  • Easy to maintain: each piece can be taken off and washed separately.

Not only do you get what you pay for, you get much, much, much more!